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John Adams

Road movies for violin and piano (1995)


Simon Bahr

Talk Show for Ensemble (2021)(UA)


Pierluigi Billone

Equilibrio. Cerchio for solo violin (2014)


John Cage

6 Melodies for Violin and Keyboard (1950)


Elliott Carter

Mnemosyné for violin (2011)

Yuheng Chen

Adieu for trio (2023)(UA)


Brian Ferneyhough

Unsichtbare Farben for solo Violin (1999)


Morton Fledman

Voice and Instruments 1 (1972)

Durations 1 for 5 Instruments (1960)


Francesco Filidei

Lied for violin solo (2020)


Leon Focker

Instrumentalstück for 5 Instruments (2022)(UA)

Xiao Fu

I love Tiffany for trio (2012/2024)



Yehong Gao

Das Marchen for 5 Instruments (2023)(UA)

Einsamkeit for violin solo (2024)(UA)



Gérard Grisey

Partiels for Ensemble (1975)

Talea for five instruments (1986)


Georg Friedrich Haas

De Terrae Fine for violin solo (2001)

Dietrich Hahne

Bittermusic for 6 Instruments (2021)(UA)


Jiaying He

Purpur for Mezzo-soprano and Ensemble(2023)(UA)
Silver Lining for Trio (2023)(UA)

Marijana Janevska

Lullaby for 3 Instruments (2020)(UA)


Eunyoung Jang

Unsterbliches Leben for Ensemble (2022)(UA)


Zhuosheng Jin

Tons of Gins Waiting for You on K-PAX for pianotrio(2023)(UA)

Jinwook Jung

Reverse II for Ensemble(2023)(UA)


Jaeduk Kim

Celestial gest for Ensemble (2023)(UA)


György Kurtág

Tre Pezzi for Violin and Piano (1979)


Adrian Laugsch

Don't Touch Me for 5 Instruments (2023)(UA)


Hyelin Lee

Wolke for Piano Trio (2020)(UA)


György Ligeti

Piano Concerto (1988)


PoChien Liu

"Vormärz" for Violin and Ensemble (2022)(UA)
Aura for Violin Solo(2023)(UA)


Witold Lutoslawski

Subito for Violin and Piano (1992)


Tamara Miller

Crevasse for Ensemble (2023)(UA)


Tristan Murail

L'Attente for seven instruments (1972)
La Barque Mystique for Quintet (1993)

Treize Couleurs Du Soleil Couchant (2000)


Snežana Nešić

The Patterns of Light and Darkness for Quintet (2011/20)(UA)


Luigi Nono

La Lontananza Nostalgica Utopica Futura (1988-1989)


Krzysztof Penderecki

Sextet for Clarinet, Horn, String Trio and Piano: II. Larghetto(2020)


Roman Pfeifer

Sozu for 3 Instruments (2017)


Enno Poppe

Haare for solo violin (2014)


Fausto Romitelli

Domeniche alla periferia dell’impero: prima domenica

Domeniche alla periferia dell’impero: seconda domenica(1996/2000)


Markus Roth

Rausch for solo Violin (2021)(UA)


Kaija Saariaho

Lichtbogen for Ensemble (1986)

Nocturne for solo violin (1994)


Rebecca Saunders

"to and fro" for Violin and Oboe (2010)


Arnold Schönberg

Chamber Symphony No.1 Op.9


Salvatore Sciarrino

Sei Capricci for solo Violin Nr.1

Sei Capricci for solo Violin Nr.5 (1976)


Rodrigo Ortiz Serrano

Sobre el instante for Ensemble (2021)(UA)


Elnaz Seyedi

Fragmente über/unter Druck for String Quartet (2019)


Johannes Maria Staud

Piano Trio No. 2 "terra fluida" (2019)


Günter Steinke

Painting for Emsemble (2022)(UA)


Monika Szpyrka

Part among Parts for Accordion and Emsemble (2021)(UA)


Toru Takemitsu

Distance de fee for Violin and Piano (1951)


Anton Webern

Quartet (1928-30)


Cong Wei

Qi for pianotrio (2024)(UA)


Deqing Wen

String Quartet Nr.1 (1995)

Piano Trio “The trill of Steppe” (1997)


Charles Wuorinen

Bearbeitungen über das Glogauer Liederbuch for four Instruments (1962)


Iannis Xenakis

Ikhoor for String Trio (1978)

Phlegra for 11 intruments (1975)

XIogang Ye

Colorful Sutra Banner for pianotrio (2006)


Dong Zhou

Trash for trio (2024)(UA)

Tide for trio (2024)(UA)


Hao Zou

String Quartet No.2 (2014)(UA)

When the sea breeze blows for four Instruments (2021)

October Requiem for solo violin (2023/24)(UA)


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